Yep, it is back to school time and parents are wondering about back to school snacks.  Here are some ideas for healthy, yummy snacks for the kiddos to share and munch.  Remember, if you don’t grow your own buy fresh, buy local, by clean food.

  1. Apples are a great snack any time of the year. They will keep over winter if stored properly and “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Peel, slice, sprinkle with lemon juice and serve with caramel sauce.  I LOVE this with the sauce warmed in the winter.

Our very own apple tree

  1. This time of year the tomatoes and peppers are winding down. There are still a few on the plants though. If you have cherry tomatoes and small bell peppers you can get creative.  Stuff a cherry tomato into the bell pepper with a little cheese as a bed inside the pepper.  Send with a bit of dip (Ranch or French Onion) or some salad dressing.  This is super good.  You can also bake them as a side for supper.


  1. Sticks are always good. Pepper and zucchini sticks are always a winner. Just cut peppers and zucchini into strips and add a little dressing or dip.  So healthy and delicious.


  1. In a few weeks the fall gardens will begin producing and we will have new healthy foods to play with like radishes. Some radishes are hot and some others are mild. If you child likes a little spice try red radish roses.  The small red radishes are generally a little spicy (Cherry Belle) and are easy to cut into rose shapes or quarters, but don’t cut through all the way.  Add a bit of dip or dressing and your snack is ready.


  1. If your child does not like spice try carrot sticks. Fall is when we grow carrots here and the young ones are very sweet and tasty, almost like candy. They are healthy and sweet.  What child wouldn’t like that?  We use the French onion dip for this one.  They just pair well.

  1. Lettuces will also be growing in a few weeks so try salads. You still have a few things from the summer plantings and now you have things from the fall plantings. Salads and dressing, tah-dah.


  1. The everbearing strawberries are just about to end for the year so use what you have left for snacks. Slice or cut in quarters and mix some cream cheese, cream, and a bit of sugar to dip in. Super Yum.


  1. Blackberries ripen early in the spring before school lets out. Always a clean and healthy snack, along with blueberries, the early strawberries and of course grapes. Any fruits you grow yourself will make a healthy snack for your kiddos.

  1. Again apples come to mind, but as some of that yummy apple sauce you canned earlier in the year. Between Thanksgiving and Valentine ’s Day this is one of the best snacks ever but if the kiddo is not in school, warm it with a pat of butter and some cinnamon. It is totally amazing.

  1. We homeschool our boys so snacks and meals are a given at my house. We just munch on whatever is in the fridge.  Leftovers are a part of our lives.  Have leftover tortilla chips and taco meat? You have nachos.  If you have left over pizza dough and any meat and cheese you have pizza rolls or calzones.  Try bread, butter, Nutella, peanut butter and chocolate chips in any combination and you have a snack. Because you have lettuce or cabbage you can make wraps with whatever meat and cheese or veggies and cheese you have around.  Just be creative.  You will find something if you use your imagination.  Have a great school year.

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Love you Bye,
Kelly Jeanne


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Have a wonderful school year!