The Best Books for Homesteaders

All homesteaders when starting out need to read a little bit to get the gist of what they are about to get themselves into.  Here are a few of the best homesteading books I have come across in my journey.

I have read more than my fair share I would guess.  One of my favorite things to do is to read when I am not in the garden.  Everyone should study a bit on something new to you before you begin because if you are just getting started on your homestead you should try a few of these.  The following books have really helped me get a handle on things.  🙂


Joel Salatin Homesteading Books

You can read any book written by this man.  He is the KING GURU of homesteading.  I have four of his books myself.

May favorite book of his is “You Can Farm” even though he states in it that he does not think an older (over 50) person should start a homestead.  I just didn’t listen to that part, lol.  He is one of my heroes.  Therefore, if you love a good book and want a laugh or two you should definitely read his books.  He tends to call them farming books but I see them as homesteading books.

His books are amazing.  Here is a link to my favorite.


Lisa Steele Homesteading Books

This lady is the Queen of the Homestead Birds

She is also an amazing writer.  My favorite,  of course, is Gardening with Chickens.  It tells you everything you need to know to keep chickens and gardens and how they can work together.  A superior homesteading book if you are into chickens and gardens.


The Backyard Homestead Book

Here is another great book to help you learn about homesteading and how to get started.  One of the best homesteading books out there.  It gives you a lot of great information.  Check it out here.


Another great homesteading book is Back to Basics

It really sends you from one end to the other.  This book starts you at finding the land and takes you all the way to preservation of whatever you have.  I love it. Myself, I do have an older version than this one, but it is still one of the best books out there for learning about homesteading.  You can find it here.

And this is my favorite homesteading book of all

The name of it is Lasagna Gardening and it is written by Pat Lanza.  This book is what got me interested in homesteading and new ways to garden.  I learned gardening in a very traditional manner from my family, but this opened my eyes to a new way.  If you like to read and are interested at all in making gardening easier then you have to read this book.  You can go here to get it.


If you know of any other books that are good for beginning homesteaders I would love to hear about them.  Which ones do you read?  Let me know in the comments below because I love to read.

That is it for now.  I hope you have huge tomatoes, hot peppers, and lots of fun in your garden.

Love and Lasagna,

Kelly Jeanne