I’m Kelly Jeanne

Hi, I’m Kelly Jeanne,


I’m Kelly Jeanne and I am so happy you’re here! I’m a mom of two great girls, a step mom of another great girl, grandmother of nine, daughter and wife.

When I was a teenager I began growing houseplants and helping in our garden.  I helped my grandparents in their garden as well.


That is when I discovered I love to grow things, play in the dirt, and enjoy the great outdoors.

As I was doing so I also discovered I love everything nature and animals.

I am a tree hugging, flower sniffing, animal kissing, planet loving, dirt worshiper and proud of it!!!

I became a master gardener in 1992.

I would love to share my tips and advice so you can grow your own homestead and raise your own food.  It is much healthier that way as we all know.

My blog is for beginning homesteaders who want to learn from the start and do so in the least expensive way possible.

I believe in nature and the way our grandparents did things.  Too much insanity in this world is making me crave the old ways.  We also need these old ways for our future.  MRSA resistant bacteria can succumb to herbs and natural remedies.  Let’s learn together and help each other.  If you need to talk I am here, if you need help with your garden I am here, if you need help with your homestead I am here.  I am here to help you build the life you wish for.

Here are my top three posts, take a look:

Let’s get building.

Kelly Jeanne